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2017/07/04 18:06
Har i dag modtaget Rosendugen,
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Birthe Ruhoff

Table Cloths

An embroidered tablecloth on a dinner table has always impressed and it becomes natural topic of conversation during dinner. To embroider an entire tablecloth is a big job and you probably should not start at the main table cloths as the first project, but when you are done once you have made ​​a treasure that can continue to impress for generations to come.

Embroidered pillows are really got the wind over the last few years. Various designs and colors on the pads, immediately giving a new breath to the sofa or armchair. Most of our pillows does not take long to embroider and many are pre-fitted with a zipper so the embroidery can quickly come to a show in the living room.

There probably is not something that is as traditional as an embroidered tea cozy. It belongs in a way together, a pot of tea and a beautifully embroidered blanket to keep it warm. It provides a cozy atmosphere. Have you made the embroidered tea cozy though, everyone who sees it will be impressed.