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2017/07/04 18:06
Har i dag modtaget Rosendugen,
Tak for fin service mht længde.
Og en fin gave fulgte med pga lang leveringstid
Birthe Ruhoff
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Homepage of Permin - See all the lovely embroideries

See all the lovely embroidery from Permin directly on their website. Is there a product that we do not have in our range, we will add it to the shop immediately. Just send us an email with the item number.
In 1854 April 1st, Christian Permin started Permin embroideries in Copenhagen.The main product was embroidery, especially initials on home decoration; curtains, chair sets, bed linen and towels. However, during World War I the demand for such items decreased, since people could not afford such luxury any more. Weak business therefore forced Permin to seek alternative customers and hence develop new products such as worked canvas, trammed canvas and traced embroidery. At that time they did not have graphs, so the shops borrowed the ready made models for the customers to copy the design and make their own embroidery.
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